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btw I’m not crying over Kalijah because I’m 99% sure Katherine is still manipulating my poor baby

hello this is me

on my hiatus

crying at 2 am over klaus and caroline and elijah

goodbye my friends I am gone

this show will be the death of me

please someone tell me how many hours till TVD?

also livestream links would be appreciated

endverseddestiel replied to your post: I loved this episode so much so I logged in to…

I have yet to see the episode and all over my dash was disappointment and insults at Elena. This fandom is gross sometimes.

I just thought it was weird, I mean, she turned off her humanity and they’re bitching because she’s acting like Katherine? she DOESN’T HAVE EMOTIONS WHY SHOULD SHE CARE ABOUT ANYONE FOR GODS SAKE also I thought everyone loved Katherine


I feel like maybe a lot of the fans are really young and don’t understand how little sex means to someone over the age of 1000

This does not mean hes going to go skipping off into the sunset with Hayley

The man just needed some action.

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I loved this episode so much so I logged in to check out how the fandom feels and…


why are you guys always bitching about everything? I thought you WANTED emotionless Elena? now you have it and don’t like it? I thought she was awesome for the first time in years I’ve been watching this show. she doesn’t have emotions so it’s logical she won’t care for any of her friends and hurt them. what’s your problem?

I thought you WANTED character development for Klaus and JoMo shirtless? because that sex scene, even though we all wanted it to be with Caroline, has shown Klaus actually giving up. something he hasn’t done since um, never? and he did it because of Caroline. not to mention how hot and rough it was, EXACTLY how I pictured Klaus having sex. now please imagine when Caroline finds out and is all jealous and they end up having beautiful, angry make-up sex. by the way, what did you expect, Klaus living in purity all his immortal life because Caroline rejected him? also, about Caroline confessing her love for Tyler all over again: it’s called denial. she wants to be in love with Tyler so she keeps telling that to him and herself, but deep down inside she knows she’s lying and has to let go of him.

thank you rant over

why new people still keep on following this blog


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I hope you’ll enjoy my crappy ~artwork~

hey guys

I’m just lurking here after the episode and watching all the pretty gifs and people’s reactions

but can we just not only talk about Klaus crying etc etc and talk about Caroline’s hands instead? especially her left hand, look what’s she’s doing. idk but it seems to me that all this touching and clutching was totally unnecessary okay I’m out

see ya

Everything’s heightened, you just live more intensely.

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This is the triangle. 

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